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Get Lost in Lincoln this Summer

We're so excited to be taking part in the Town of Lincoln's WanderLost Scavenger Hunt this summer. Local businesses like ours have come up with ways for visitors to explore the region and discover all the amazing things Lincoln has to offer. Read on for details!The Town of Lincoln's all-new WanderLost Scavenger Hunt, unlocked through the Social Scavenger App (use code 2wl) offers a fun and free new way to explore the picture-perfect pocket of Niagara tucked between the Escarpment and Lake Ontario. With WanderLost as your guide, you'll discover our benchland businesses, heritage sites, and natural attractions that set this scenic section of Niagara in a leisurely league of its own.  Discover just how out-of-this-world an out-of-the-way adventure can be: Unlock...

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Farmers' Market Update

We love our loyal customers at the markets we attend regularly and can’t thank you enough - but here’s the deal. We’re a bootstrap business that has suffered during the pandemic, just like many others have. Unfortunately our startup hasn’t qualified for the majority of the federal support offered to businesses impacted by COVID-19. We want to keep making fun, fizzy drinks for years to come so we’re taking a few steps back to reassess our current circumstances. We wish we could stay at every market but we have to face the hard truth. The capacity restrictions at farmers’ markets make it impossible for us to continue selling at many of the locations you’ve supported us at for the last...

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Cocktail of the Month: Canalside Whiskey Sour

Cocktail of the Month: Canalside Whiskey SourThe classic cocktail with an orangey twistTwo things come to mind when we think of whiskey. The first is the classic, old bottle that dad pours a swig of on special occasions. The second takes us back to sticky college bars where we'd get a plastic cup of sour-mix with a splash of cheap whiskey. Think of the Canalside Whiskey Sour as the graduated version of the latter - a little more mature, a touch fancier, but might still make you want to dance on top of a table with your closest friends while avoiding all other responsibilities.If this is your first whiskey sour experience, you may be a tad thrown by the egg white. That's OK! And,...

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