Bourbon Apple Pie

What an exciting and busy few weeks it has been at Canalside Soda Company! A huge thank you to all of our new and repeat customers who have placed orders, waited in line and provided such fantastic feedback. We are thrilled to be sharing fresh, local, soda with you!

Superbowl was this past weekend so we decided it was imperative to come up with a unique new cocktail to celebrate the occasion and there was no better soda to do this with than our Joe’s Apple Pie Soda. This refreshment has been flying out the door quicker than we’ve been able to keep it stocked. Honestly, we can’t blame you! Who doesn’t want to enjoy a liquid form of apple pie?  If you haven’t had a chance to try this soda yet then do so soon.

Bourbon Apple Pie

Canalside Apple Pie Soda, Maker's Mark Bottle of Bourbon, Glass with mixed cocktail, beside an apple.

6 oz Joe’s Apple Pie Soda
2 oz Makers Mark Bourbon
Apple slice

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