Cinnamon Bun Martini

There’s something nostalgic about cinnamon buns. That smell that wafts through the house on a holiday or weekend morning as the buns cook in the oven. The competition of who gets the crispy ends or the ooey gooey middle pieces. But with daily schedules and – who has time to make fresh buns all the time?  Well don’t fret Canalside Soda has you covered.

This super simple martini recipe will have the memories drifting through your mind as your sip this delightful drink. I think this maybe a new regular treat in the house. If mimosas and cinnamon buns are okay for breakfast on special occasions then Cinnamon Bun Martinis should be okay too, right?

Whether you enjoy it over brunch or as an after dinner treat you need to try this cocktail. Our Canalside Soda goes absolutely perfect in this mix. It has the perfect flavor without becoming too sweet. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think. Be sure to share a photo of your cocktail on social media and tag us in it for your chance to win a free growler of soda!

Cinnamon Bun Martini

Canalside Cream Soda in a growler, martini glass with Cinnamon Bun Martini, Shooter Glass with Cinnamon Bun Shooter, Small bottle of Fireball liquor and a martini shaker

4 oz Canalside Cream Soda
1 oz Fireball Liquor

Combine cream soda and fireball liquor in a martini mixer with ice. Be careful when you shake as the carbonation can cause some bubbling action. Pour into a chilled martini glass and serve!

An additional option is to turn this into a shooter. Simply mix equal parts Canalside Cream Soda and Fireball and top with a spray of whipped cream. Sip or shoot from a shot glass, either way it’s delicious. Trust us….we tested it to be sure! 

Post and share your Canalside Soda drinks on social media and tag us in the post for your chance to win a free growler at the market.

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