Exploding with Flavour!

While we like to ensure our sodas have a flavour that pops, we may have taken this a bit too literally with our recent Orange Cream Soda cans. As a startup we are bound to hit some bumps in the road and did we ever! 

Our Orange Cream Soda cans have been exploding with flavour! Literally. The cans can’t quite handle a drink with a champagne bubble finish and would not cooperate. Because of this, we have decided to package our Orange Cream Soda in bottles instead to provide our soda lovers with the bubbliest experience possible!

What did we do with the soda we already canned you may ask? Well, we did what any sensible startup would do….

We set them up on a small table in the backyard and shot them with a Red Ryder BB Gun! We saw it as an opportunity to have some fun and make the best of a bubbly situation. 


To document this in our company’s history, our Orange Cream Soda will now be known as Explosive Orange!  Try it for yourself!


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