The History of Soda

We all love an ice-cold soda on a hot day. There is nothing quite like that satisfying crack of the pop can and the bubbles hitting your lips during that first swig of soda. 

We all indulge in the carbonated drink and have a favourite kind we drink religiously, but what about the first swig of soda? And I mean first.

 Let’s rewind to 1767.

Joseph Priestly geniusly figured out how to infuse water with Co2, resulting in bubbly water. Soda was originally sold in pharmacies because consumers believed it would offer the same health benefits as fresh mineral water. 

Plain soda water was a hit, but pop lovers craved more. In 1876 root beer started to be sold to the public with a mix of over 20 different natural flavours. Soda took another step up when Cola-flavoured soda was invented in 1881. Dr. Pepper followed promptly after opening the floodgates for flavoured soda.

Soda hit the market as a medicinal remedy and remained in the medical field until 1942. The American Medical Association caught onto the absurd amount of sugar being poured into Coca-Cola and other pop giants. 

From there, diet pops dominated the fizzy drink market. 

Fast forward to 2020 and Canalside Soda Co. is embarking on its own journey in the soda industry. With locally sourced ingredients and one of a kind flavours, Canalside Soda Co. is a uniquely delicious addition to the history of soda. 


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Author: Emma Kirwin

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