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ST. CATHARINES STANDARD FEATURE STORY: From farmers market to farmer during COVID-19

"Canalside Soda’s ‘Soda Guy’, Sean Polden is defying the odds against being a start-up during a pandemic, and with determination and perseverance, will continue to provide a great local craft soda, with even more yet to come." -Danni, Executive Coordinator, Canalside Soda Company                                       Click here to read the article.    

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Shutting down soda - Start ups being missed in COVID relief

CEBA, Commercial Rent Relief, Wage Subsidies are all benefits that my well-established competitors are taking advantage of. Not qualifying kicks us when we’re down because now, in addition to being impacted by COVID, we’re also at a competitive disadvantage because when our competitors receive a 75% wage subsidy and we don’t.

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The History of Soda

We all indulge in the carbonated drink and have a favourite kind we drink religiously, but what about the first swig of soda? And I mean first.  Let’s rewind to 1767.

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