Mixed Packs of 200ml Bottles (6, 12, or 24 Packs)

Mixed Packs of 200ml Bottles (6, 12, or 24 Packs)

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Choose a variation of our Mixed Packs of soda. We have 3 flavours available: 

Ginger Beer: Your first sip of Canalside Soda Company's non-alcoholic Ginger Beer is going to kick you where it counts! But don't worry, the sweet cane sugar perfectly soothes the burn and leaving you wanting another. Our Ginger Beer is slow brewed by hand, with fresh ginger, cane sugar, our own blend of spices and juice from lemons and limes.

Tart Cherry Lime: Made with local tart cherries and just a splash of lime. This delightful soda is tart, sweet and refreshing.

Orange Bean: This lovely Orange Bean Soda will have you reminiscing of summer days, enjoying orange creamsicles. Made with real orange juice this soda is full of vitamin C. There's nothing quite like it. A perfect treat for the young and the young at heart.