About Us

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Who We Are

Tired of boring sodas made from artificial flavours and high-fructose corn syrup, Canalside Soda Company began brewing Old Fashioned soda beverages in 2019 from its St. Catharines brewery. Our flavours all come from real ingredients, and sweetened with cane sugar.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Canalside Soda Company comes from its close proximity to the Welland Canal and the thousands of hardworking farmers and factory workers that have worked canal-side over the last 200 years. In the heat of Niagara’s summer they’d quench their thirst with an ice cold soda, made locally. Our fresh flavours and clean label are a tribute to the high-quality products they’ve produced and shipped to ports around the world and a celebration of a job well done.

Made with Real Ingredients in Niagara

We love to work with local farmers and use ingredients grown at our farm in Grimsby to give our customers a product with as many local ingredients as possible!

Our Values

Canalside Soda serves up extraordinary flavourful, small batch craft soda beverages. Our drinks are made with real ingredients in Niagara and will satisfy your thirst, either on their own or paired with your favourite locally produced beer, wine, or spirits.

Our vision is to create soda flavours people love with ingredients they know.