The Faces Behind The Soda

Small but mighty, our Canalside team comes from diverse backgrounds and shares one common goal: to deliver the highest quality craft soda experience. Get to know a little more about each member below, including their preferred Canalside craft soda.

Sean Polden

Chief Soda Officer

Sean brings the skills he learned in his past life in community and business to his passion project of Canalside Soda. As our fearless leader he seems to be everywhere at once and is always ready to talk about the benefits of communities working together to promote local products.

Favourite soda: That’s like asking which child is your favourite.

Fraser Kennedy

Project Manager

With 15 years of experience in the Toronto restaurant industry, two of them as a head chef at a brewery, Fraser brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. If you’ve enjoyed our soda flavours and meals at the Soda Shack, you have him to thank.

Favourite soda: Vanilla Bean

Bruce Cole

Head Brewer

Coming from the brewing industry with an education in Biotechnology, Bruce is now working hard to make the best craft sodas possible. You’ll find him in the production building perfecting recipes and coming up with fun new flavours.

Favourite soda: Ginger Beer