We're Growing and Going Wholesale!

Farm to Bottle

From farm to bottle to you and your customers, our products are made with all natural ingredients, grown on our farm, or locally sourced. You'll be sure to offer your customers a fresh and new product with a variety of flavours available to satisfy everyone from young to the young at heart.


It's more than just about the sale for us, it's about building a platform for partnerships to offer you not only a top of the line product, but an innovative overall experience as well. Just ask us about how we can customize what we offer, to meet the demands of your business and of your customers.

Community Matters

From Winter to Fall we're engaged in it all, with attending year round Farmer's Markets throughout Southern Ontario, Joining & Creating Fundraisers, hosting Special Events & offering a unique experience at our local Soda Shack. Shoppers are always on the look out for where to find us, they'll be glad to know they can find us at your location too!

We are always mixing up a new batch of ideas to serve YOU better!